5 New Year’s Resolutions for Small Businesses to Make in 2018

Every January, our team at Panalo Solutions is excited to get back to work. Why? Because it is a great time to rethink our business and set new and bigger goals. It is also a perfect time to remember that our personal growth and well-being is just as critical for a successful business. We’d like to share with you our five tips to make sure you kick off 2018 right.

1.) Write down your top 3 everyday

Like you, we are big multi-taskers here at Panalo. While this helps to get a lot of things done, you may also end the day feeling like you’ve done a lot of busy work. At the start of each day, write down the three things that you feel like you can accomplish, which leads you to a successful day at work. For us, this can be finishing a website project or signing on a new client. Keeping track of things helps you focus on what matters most every day.

2.) Shake off the negativity

Make some time for yourself at the beginning or end of the day to reflect on what you’re grateful for. Shifting your attention to positive things that had happened can assist in minimizing the influence of harmful stress in your daily life. On a side note, becoming more optimistic during tiring moments can strengthen your will to carry on, which helps you develop a sense of balance and perspective to fuel your desire to transform into your interpretation of a well-rounded individual.

3.) Revisit an old idea

Remember that time a few years ago when you wanted to run a 50% off sales campaign and it didn’t work? Well, how about you take a fresh look at it. Your customers, your business, and your environment aren’t the same thing that they were five years ago, so maybe this is a good time to give that old idea another shot. There’s no harm in trying out concepts left in the backburner.

4.) Try Something New

Ever wondered what it would be like to do something you never once thought of ever trying? Whether as part of the business or our personal life, at Panalo we all have a goal of trying something new every year. In fact, one of our team members just got her Rescue Diver scuba certification, meaning that she is trained to help rescue other divers. It was challenging, both physically and mentally, but the skills she learned during her certification process later proved beneficial, as she has started to apply her learnings to her day to day work at Panalo.

5.) Reward yourself

The one thing you must never forget about is to reward yourself after hitting a goal or two in the long run. It’s easy to immediately to constantly focus on ‘what’s next.’ But take the time to congratulate yourself on your wins. You deserve the R&R after all the hard work you put into starting the year right. These include being able to align yourself with your values and beliefs, establishing your identity, building courage, creating and overcoming boundaries, and finding focus and direction. And when you’re happy with yourself, that particular emotion can be pretty contagious to your team and fellow employees. Choose to love yourself and your business first before opening up to more possibilities in further growth and development.

You begin with a hit-or-miss, and end with an all-out bliss.