College of Adaptive Arts

The College of Adaptive Arts is a non profit school made for students with disabilities. They can take an individual class for a 3-unit certificate, or can enroll in a particular course of study and complete a 60-unit articulated curriculum. They are also welcomed and encouraged to return to enroll in a graduate program specially designed to get them more engaged and involved in the community.

The school has been working with Panalo to gain better visibility in the San Jose community and provide updated information to their students. The CAA team wanted the capability to fully edit their website content and add photos on the website on a weekly basis. The user experience and user interface needed to be simple, functional and easy to manage. The College of Adaptive Arts also had amazing videos of their beloved students showing off their talents. The CAA team wanted us to make sure that we showcased that on the site as well.

Panalo first met with Diana and the team at The College of Adaptive Arts to discuss what was most important to the school. Starting from the back end by converting the site from Drupal to WordPress, allowing them to help manage their own content. Panalo had also worked on redesigning the site to make it easy for current, interested and upcoming students and parents to learn about the school’s values and programs.

We will continue to work with and support the CAA team, as we believe in their mission to provide an equitable collegiate experience to adults with special needs and give them the opportunity to have access to college education.