Touch To Heal Spa

How’d you like to spend your day off? Do you usually stay at home? Why not have a change of pace and pamper yourself? Be rejuvenated and beautified at the same time. You deserve a spa treat after a long week. Maybe even get a massage while spending time with a friend?

Better yet, what if you could do all that and more at your newest favorite spa in San Jose?

At Touch To Heal Spa, you can experience a vivid transformation from head to toe. Each of their spa packages is uniquely and exceptionally crafted to appeal to all of your senses. No matter what time of the day you wish to get some R&R, you’ll feel right at home while indulging yourself with their top-of-the-line customer service. With a team of passionate masseuses, estheticians, manicurists and therapists, their goal is to bring together a community that enjoys local and personalized healing and relaxation. You can choose from an array of spa day events, group classes and fun workshops that promote spiritual, physical, and mental wellness amongst fellow spa enthusiasts. Anyone is welcome to join the Touch To Heal Spa family!

Touch To Heal Spa approached Panalo to fully redesign their website and create an online booking feature for their clients’ convenience. We first started running tests on our end to see how long it takes for the old website to load on different devices. (Waiting time has to be made as short as possible) We then offered to modernize the overall look to let the viewers see and feel what is was like inside Touch To Heal Spa. Immersing your site visitors from the very beginning is key to keeping them from leaving your page too early. After that, we went ahead and focused on getting them mobile optimized to let viewers on their phones explore the site with ease. We also helped them summarize and rearrange their featured products and services, as well as create an online membership registration form for those interested in getting more privileges and special discounts. Lastly, a social media feed was added on the homepage to show info on their latest news and updates, so no one misses out on any upcoming events and promos.