Tourism website inspiration

The Philippine Department of Tourism is the Philippine government agency established to develop and implement programs and activities designed to promote the Philippines as a tourism destination within its area of jurisdiction. With offices in New York, Los Angeles and San Francisco, the US team had needed to give their primary website a makeover to increase visibility and attract more people to view their content.

Originally, they had no access to the back end had to constantly contact their previous development team to run edits on their site. It was costly, time consuming and the design they had in mind did not capture the beauty of the Philippines.

Panalo was given the opportunity to find tourism website inspiration and research on how travelers were choosing their vacation destinations, what’s hot in the market, and what content was important to potential visitors. We were also able to find key activities and search words such as scuba diving, surfing, hiking, and other activities that travelers were searching for. Our team was given the opportunity to design, market and create content that was crucial to help capture the beauty of the culture, history, tradition, and people of the Philippine Islands. We also made it a point to understand and experience the adventures and top destinations that the Philippines has to offer.

Panalo was not only the tourism web design and digital marketing partner for the Tourism Board but also helped promote and produce graphics and materials for trade shows, launch parties and various marketing events. Panalo recently attended DEMA with the Philippine Tourism board:

Our team is continuously excited to work closely with the Philippine tourism board with strategy teams based in San Francisco CA and talented developers designers and graphic artists in the Philippines.

Looking forward to the next Philippine adventure!