Web Design vs. Web Development: The Difference

The digital world is pretty much like our planet earth- with an ecosystem where components live together to make a brand live and thrive online. But a lot of aspects in it are different but seem the same so much so that a lot of people mistake one thing for another. One perfect example of this is web design and development.

Companies that are not in the digital industry usually look at the two as one and the same but if you really take a deep dive into it, you’ll realize they have their own personalities. It’s important to know the difference between the two so it won’t come as a surprise when you hire a digital agency to do your website and they charge you separately for the design and the development.

So what sets one from the other?

Let’s start with web design. This part of digital marketing is all about the visual aesthetics of your website. By that we mean- colors, fonts, layout, page flow, call-to-action buttons, mockups, and wireframes; basically anything and everything related to the visual end of the website spectrum.

Web designers, more often than not, are the ones who take the client’s branding by heart to make sure that the website will perfectly reflect what the company’s message wants to convey online.

To make a web design project successful, it’s highly recommended that the client provide ample information about the company in terms of branding. Project brief should include how the logo can be used, which colors are allowed, what content should be highlighted, and the emotional goal of the website.

Once the web designer is done with making the website look amazing, it’s now a web developer’s time to shine and make the design into reality. If web design is all about aesthetics, web development is all about making the website functional. This has two sides- front-end and back-end.

The front-end development is mainly what transforms the web design into an actual working website. Developers under this team are the ones who can make the CTA button actually go somewhere; you get the idea. The back-end development, on the other hand, is all about data management. This is where databases and web applications come in like online booking systems, branch management systems, and timekeeping systems.

Since web design and development go through very different production processes and are handled by two separate teams, it only makes sense that projects are charged individually.

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