What Makes an eCommerce Website Effective

When the market first realized how the internet can serve as another channel from where they can sell their brand thru eCommerce websites, regular websites became nothing more but online billboards. Business sites were static, impersonal, and one-sided just like traditional marketing. But this change when the age of information opened up the opportunity to use websites as a tool for a more collaborative, interactive exchange between seller and buyer. Yes, we’re talking about the eCommerce website.

For those of you still living under the rock we call “Traditional Marketing”, eCommerce websites are basically your good ol’ shopping malls but instead of having to actually go to the mall, all you have to do is have a stable internet connection. But before you go having a web developer make an eCommerce website for you, here are some things your customers would want to see to consider your site effective:


Yes, we know that an eCommerce website is all about making the concept of buying easy, but there’s no denying that the first thing a customer looks at even on a physical store is its storefront. That goes for online shops, too, so this means that to convince your market to stay on your website and actually make a purchase, you first have to make sure it is well-designed and eye-catching.


Okay, now you have your eCommerce website looking good, it’s time you make it organized, too. Picture this, you’re in a grocery store and the way the aisles were designed have no clear direction- right beside the aisle for cereals is the aisle for lotions and soaps. That doesn’t make sense, right? To make your eCommerce website effective, you also have to think like a customer- how will you categorize your products?

Page Anatomy

The way your web developer designs the pages of your eCommerce website is also a contributing factor on your online shop’s conversion rate. To make it simple, the first fold of your product pages should include the products you think will be most helpful to your market as well as how it will solve their specific problems. That way, you have a higher chance of getting your customer and making a sale.

Easy of Transaction

Last but definitely not the least is your eCommerce website’s shopping cart and transaction process. The very reason your market is opting to go for online shopping is convenience. This means that if your website fails to provide convenience through its transaction process and shopping cart, you will lose your market. So make sure your eCommerce website allows for fast and easy transactions, these include shipping costs, payment methods, and of course, order placement.

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