Why companies could use Digital Marketing for growth

We now live in the “Internet of Things”, a world where change does not come in years but in seconds, where traditional marketing has no enough leg force to keep up with the pace.

As the curtain closes on the year 2016, a lot of companies are now cloistered in their conference rooms, with department heads and executive committees putting their heads together to come up with a better strategic plan for the next year. Undeniably used to relying our brand’s success on traditional media channels, a lot of businesses are not exactly jumping to give the new player a warm welcome. Who’s the new player, you ask? It’s Digital Marketing.

Right now, the market is not just a group of simple consumers but a more complex community that brands should start considering as part of the team; that’s what Digital Marketing brought to the table- the power for your market to communicate with you. The audible voice your consumer now has could make Digital Marketing either your friend or your foe, but if you finally accept the reality that it is high-time to take the brand battles to the online world, then you would be surprised to know that Digital Marketing is the best possible weapon and plan of attack when yielded and executed the right way.

Here are some facets of Digital Marketing you could take advantage of to help grow your company:

1. It provides equal opportunity.

Unlike traditional marketing, Digital Marketing does not play favorites based on budget. In fact, the online platform provides equal opportunity to all businesses- be it multinational corporations or local stores. Yes, money still plays a significant role but it is not the only factor that could determine the success of your online strategies. Even if you are a mom-and-pop store, you still have an equal chance to win against the bigger guys in the field. Digital Marketing is comprised of many channels, not all of which require a large sum to utilize and maximize to your advantage.

2. It is cost-effective.

Digital Marketing does not burn a hole in your company’s pocket. The price required for it to be a success mostly relies on effort and careful analysis of the market. This is very different from traditional marketing where you have to shell out ridiculous amounts of money to put up a billboard or shoot a commercial and counting on faith that it will reach the right market and be seen long enough to evoke some kind of personal connection. With Digital Marketing, you have a higher probability of conversion because it allows you to actually target your desired audience so no impression goes to waste which means no money down the drain as well.

3. It caters to the mobile market.

A key statistic released on January of this year showed that there are 119.21 million mobile connections in the Philippines. Out of that number, 29.7 million are smartphone users, and that is a figure expected to increase to 33.3 million by next year. With a market as large as that, this is not the time to ignore the possibilities it opens to business owners and marketers alike. Gone are the days of people looking up to billboards while stuck in traffic because now they’re staring down at their phones browsing the web or scrolling through social media. Digital Marketing can give you the power to penetrate that reality; after all, unlike traditional marketing, it has strategies designed for a mobile user’s optimum experience.

4.It is easier to evaluate.

Billboards, TV commercials, print ads, and radio spots do not have a comprehensive analytics dashboard that could show you exact figures to determine its success rate. With Digital Marketing, every platform is trackable so doing A/B testing on various online channels can actually provide you the data you need to decide which ones work. By having that information, you can adjust your strategies accordingly and you can adapt in a faster, more efficient stride.

5. It allows for social velocity.

The emergence of social media has taken our world by storm and there is no denying that it has become a part of our daily lives as much as that morning coffee before work. Social media is a Digital Marketing channel you can use to not just reach your market but to communicate with them as well. With a content that is concise, creative, and timely, social velocity and shareability is just one click away- that’s earned media, an electronic Word of Mouth with a speed that could boost your brand in as fast as a day.

The Age of Information is fast becoming the Age of Experience. Google even released what is now known as Micro-moments- the few minutes and seconds that could transform your market’s need to a purchased product or service. Right now, choosing the right channel to which you would market your brand can spell the difference between a successful business and a failing one. If there is ever a perfect time to embrace Digital Marketing and make it a part of your company’s 2017 strategic plan, that’s now. If you do not yet have enough knowledge to work up a plan yourself, you could always make us a part of your plan. Just visit our digital marketing page and we’d be glad to help you out!