Why It’s Smart To Go For Responsive Web Design

Mobilegeddon is a term coined by many web designers and developers when Google rolled out its algorithm update last April 21, 2015. With this algorithm taking into consideration the mobile-responsiveness of websites a.k.a. Responsive web design or RWD, it comes as no surprise that more and more businesses are looking to find web design companies that are not just able to build a website but also able to make it responsive.

Responsive web design or RWD is something you shouldn’t take lightly. Recent studies have revealed that mobile digital media time is now significantly higher compared to desktop at a 51:42 ratio. If you consider yourself a business-minded person, this reality should not make you panic; after all, it is evident that more and more people are relying on their smartphones compared to other devices such as desktops and laptops.

But with this discovery, the smartest way to venture forth is to make sure that your website is developed based on responsive web design.

Just to clear things up, all websites can be visited using your mobile or smart phone, but not all websites are mobile responsive. Responsive web design is an approach to web development created to provide your market optimal viewing and interaction when visiting your website on their smart phones or tablets. This means coding the website to make the texts more readable on smaller screens as well as minimizing the need for your market to scroll down just to be able to view your website.

No need to worry, though. Mobile responsive does not require your website to have a different look and feel so you can still keep your brand’s identity; you just want to make sure your market doesn’t have to squint their eyes too much for them to be able to read all about your company and what you have to offer.

When you have go for responsive web design, your website will automatically adjust according to the screen size of your user’s device. This allows for a very good and flexible solution. Remember, humans always go for the easier and faster option (an obvious reality that fundamentally gave birth to technology).

In addition to that, responsive web design means that your domain name does not have to change. No need for “m.website.com” which is great especially if you are looking to please search engines like Google. Maintaining a single URL means better web traffic.

Lastly, going for responsive web design is a forward-thinker’s approach. Why? Smart phones went from big screens to small screens and back again. Technology is a fast-paced world and you have no control whatsoever on what kind of devices and screen sizes the future will bring but have a web developer create a responsive web design for your company means being ready no matter where technology takes mobiles in the years to come. Yes, it will cost more than having your website developed without the responsive feature but it will save you a lot more money in the future.

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